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eCommerce Definitions
Browser - also called Web Browser. A software application used to locate and display web site pages by interpreting HTML. Examples are Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

eCommerce - also called Electronic Commerce. Conducting business using the internet. Using the Internet to provide information to your customers, so they can decide to purchase your product or service. Providing your customers the ability to place orders online using a secure shopping cart.

email - also called electronic mail. Electronic messages that are sent from one computer to another, usually over the Internet.

FTP - Stands for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol used to transfer files on the Internet. Often used to transfer HTML documents or pages to a website host.

HTML - short for Hyper Text Markup Language. The most common language used to display web site documents on the world wide web. To view the HTML for this page select View | Source in Internet Explorer or View | Document Source in Netscape Navigator.

Internet - The global network connecting millions of computers together.

ISP - Stands for Internet Service Provider. A company that provides access to the Internet. Usually charge a monthly fee for access.

server - a computer that is usually dedicated to only one task - such as storing files or documents. In reference to the Internet a server usually stores the HTML documents or pages for a website.

shopping cart - a piece of software that is used in a web site to allow customers to order products or services securely over the Internet.

SSL - stands for Secure Sockets Layer. A protocol developed by Netscape to encrypt documents for secure transmitting across the Internet.

Web Site - one or more related documents or pages available for viewing over the Internet. Usually created using HTML.

Website Host - The company who owns a server that hosts web site documents. The actual computer that the documents are stored on.

World Wide Web - also called WWW. A network of servers connected over the Internet. Often Internet and World Wide Web are referred to as the same thing.

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