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Independent Commerce can design and build your website for you. Below are the prices for an eCommerce website. We can also create an advertisement website for you or do custom database and ASP programming. Please email Sales to inquire.
Site Search Engine
Freefind with banner ad: Freefind is a search engine you can place on your website to allow your visitors to search your website. More Info $25 setup fee
eCommerce Website Development
Home Page: The Home Page is the very first page in a website. More Info $40/page
Product Category Pages: A Product Category Page is a page on a website that displays related items, their descriptions, prices, and order buttons. More Info $20/page
Product Order Buttons: A Product Order Button is a button on a website that a visitor to your site will click to order your item or service. More Info $2/button
Small Product Images: A Small Product Image is a tiny image of the product you are selling. It is located next to the order button. More Info $2/image
Big Product Images: A Big Product Image is an image of your product that is displayed in a seperate Product Picture Page. More Info $2/image
Product Picture Pages: A Product Picture Page is a page that displays a Big Picture Image in a seperate window from the main website pages. More Info $4/page
Password Database Setup: In order to use a database on a website that we are hosting for you our programmers must setup the database. More Info $100
Password Validation Page Setup: A Password Validation Page is a page that checks a username and password against the names in a database to validate if this is a valid login. More Info $25
Password Protected Pages: A Password Protected Page is a page that can only be viewed if your customer is logged in. More Info $2/page
Password Protected Prices: A Password Protected Price is a price and order button that your customers can only see if they are logged in. More Info $2/price
Favicon Design: Favicon stands for Favorites Icon. It is a little icon that appears when your customer adds your site to their favorites list in their browser. More Info $25

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