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What is a Template Website? - A template website allows you to create a website without any programming. Simply type in contact information, categories, product information, and upload any product images. Then direct your customers to your easy to remember URL at

Cost - Included with shopping cart service!

To see what a template website looks like visit:
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How it works

Your information is saved on our secure servers. When your customer goes to your site your customized information along with the appropriate product information is displayed for them. This template website is included with your shopping cart service.

One of the main drawbacks with template sites are that they are not flexible. Our service allows unlimited flexibility. With simple HTML code you can completely alter and create your own template. You have the option to link to individual category pages from any existing website.

  • Customizable Colors
  • Easy to paste HTML code
  • Unlimited products and images allowed.
  • Use the template for your entire site, or only use certain pages.
  • Seperate Product Pages so your visitors can view large images and more information on your product.
  • Allows optional showing of quantity of items in stock
  • Alters quantity of items in stock
  • Optional Hide feature to hide an item when it is out of stock.

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