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What is the icCart? - The icCart is a proprietary shopping cart program that Independent Commerce has created. It allows your customers to order your products and services securely from your website. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into your website. We use a pop up shopping cart. This allows your customers to add items to their cart while still being able to navigate your website. They won't be sent out of your website to the shopping cart.

This feature packed shopping cart is customizable to fit your needs.

Cost: $40/month prepaid annually

Upon ordering we will set up your account and email you a Username and Password.

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Customizable Features

Unlimited Colors - You can choose a foreground and background color for your shopping cart to match your website.
Update Color Image

Customize Payment Options - You can choose to accept the following payment options:
  • Credit Card - allow your customers to pay with a credit card.
    You will need a seperate merchant account to process credit cards.
  • C.O.D. - allow your customers to pay with Cash On Delivery.
  • Check or Money Order - allow your customer to pay with a check or money order.
  • Phone - allow your customers to place an order online and then call their payment information in.
  • Purchase Order - allow your customers to place an order with a Purchase Order.
Customize Shipping Options - You have full control of the shipping options displayed. You type in the names of shipping options you accept. Examples: UPS Ground, Fed Ex Economy.

Customize Shipping Rates - You can show the following shipping messages:
  • Actual Freight Calculated At Shipping - This message tells your customers freight will be calculated at the time of actual shipment.
  • Free Freight - If you would like to offer free freight then this message would tell your customers that shipping is free.
  • Flat Rate Charges - Charge a flat rate based on the total pounds of the order.
    Example - Total Pounds: 5 . Flat Rate = $2 per pound.
    5 pounds X $2 per pound = Total Freight: $10.
  • One Rate Charge - Charge an individual price for each pound. This would be applicable if you had your shipping companies exact rates per pound.
Allow Maximum Pounds Per Box - You determine the maximum weight allowed per box to be shipped out.
If you only want to ship 20 pounds per box and your customers order has a total weight of 25 then the shopping cart will split the order into two boxes. One weighing 20 pounds and one weighing 5 pounds. Freight will then be calculated accordingly.

Optional Handling Fee - You determine if you have a handling fee. The shopping cart will show the appropriate message showing the handling fee.

Allows Quantity Discounts - Offer quantity discounts. You determine the minimum quantity to be ordered to offer a discount.

Create Order Minimum - You can allow the shopping cart to only process orders that have reached a minimum order price. For Example: If your order minimum is $50 then customers would not be allowed to submit their order until the total comes to $50 or greater.

Assignable Currency Shown - You can display the currency you accept.
A message appears on the shopping cart that says All currency shown is in Your Currency Selected
You can choose from the following currencies.

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