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What is Freefind? - Freefind is a search engine you can place on your website to allow your visitors to search your website.

Cost: Free + $25 setup fee.

More Info

  • Advanced site search engine
  • Reports track visitors' searches
  • Automatic site map
  • Automatic what's new list
  • Optional web search
  • Complete customization
  • Scheduled re-indexing
  • Content monitoring
  • No fixed page limit
  • Ease of use
Advanced Site Search Engine

The FreeFind search-engine was designed from the ground-up to deliver high-quality, high-performance search capabilities to your web site. The distributed design operates across multiple load-balanced servers to deliver maximum up-time and the fastest performance.

The advanced design enables FreeFind to deliver professional quality search capabilities to hundreds of thousands of websites simultaneously

This high-performance search engine can be installed on your website and fully customized with your site's look and feel in minutes, today.
Freefind Advanced Sitesearch
Reports Site Visitors Searches

Now you don't have to guess what your visitors are looking for! Get immediate access to complete search reports, including top keyword counts and recently performed searches.

This information is very valuable. Use it to improve your site by adding more content in subject areas that are frequently searched.
Freefind Site Reports
Complete Customization

Integrate FreeFind seamlessly with your web site by customizing the search results page to match your site. Easy-to-use FreeFind wizards give you complete control over the look of your search results including your own titles, text, logo, background, and more. Customize Freefind
Schedule Re-indexing

Each time your web site changes the FreeFind spider will visit your site and build an index of your pages.

You can schedule re-indexing daily, weekly, monthly, or ask for immediate re-indexing at any time!
Freefind Schedule
Optional web search engine

Choose site search, web search, or both.

We send you a variety of search panels to choose from. You can select search panels which give your visitor the option to search your web site or the whole web, search panels which just search your own site, or search panels which just search the world wide web. What ever type of search engine you want, you've got it!

Customize the web search results with your own background, colors, logo and more.
Freefind Optional Websearch
Automatic Sitemap

Site maps are often helpful for your site's visitors, but until now they have been hard to maintain, requiring frequent updates as other parts of your website change. Now FreeFind can automatically generate a site map, and automatically update it each time your site changes. Choose from three different styles of site-map, or use them all!
Automatic What's New List

If your site gets repeat visitors, a "what's new" list is a must. With one click visitors can see what changes you've made to the site since their last visit, and go directly to the new or updated pages. FreeFind generates and maintains your "what's new" list for you automatically. Automatic Whats New
Content Monitoring

FreeFind is the only search engine that enables your visitors to find the page they're looking for, then keeps an eye on it.

FreeFind's ChangeDetection (tm) monitoring system lets your users monitor a page for content changes, then notifies them when the page is changed. This helps build traffic to your site by turning casual visitors into repeat visitors and keeps loyal visitors coming back!
Change Detection

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