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What is Fireworks? - Macromedia Fireworks is a image/graphics editing program. Create, edit, and animate Web graphics using a complete set of bitmap and vector tools. Use export controls to optimize your images, give them advanced interactivity, and export them into Macromedia Dreamweaver and other HTML editors. Launch and edit Fireworks graphics from inside Dreamweaver or Macromedia Flash.

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Windows    Macintosh
Intel Pentium processor (Pentium II recommended)   Power Macintosh Processor (G3 or higher recommended)
Windows 95/98 or NT version 4.0, 2000* or later   Mac OS 8.6 or 9.X
64 MB of available RAM   64 MB of available RAM
800 x 600, 256-color display (1024 x 768, millions of colors recommended)   800 x 600, 256-color display (1024 x 768, millions of colors recommended)
80 MB of available hard disk   80 MB of available hard disk
Adobe Type Manager Version 4 or later with Type 1 fonts  

Adobe Type Manager Version 4 or later with Type1 fonts

About Fireworks
What file formats can I import into Fireworks 4?
You can import the following types of files: EPS, WBMP (Wireless Bitmap), AI7 and AI8 (native Illustrator), CorelDraw 8, FH7, FH8 and FH9 (native FreeHand), PICT (Macintosh), PSD (layered Photoshop), GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG (Windows and Macintosh), ASCII text, and RTF text.

What file formats can I export from Fireworks 4? 
You can export GIF, JPG, PICT (Macintosh), TIFF, BMP, PNG, PSD (Photoshop), WBMP (Wireless Bitmap), Illustrator files, and Lotus Domino Designer Image Wells (Windows and Macintosh). HTML output includes support for JavaScript pop-up menus and rollovers, image maps, Dreamweaver behaviors, Dreamweaver libraries, and CSS layers. You can also export files in the SWF format to easily integrate your Fireworks graphics into your Macromedia Flash projects.

Will Fireworks 4 open and edit my Photoshop images? 
Yes. You can import Photoshop images into Fireworks, and also export Fireworks images into Photoshop.

Does Fireworks 4 support digital cameras and scanners? 
Fireworks 4 supports industry-standard TWAIN and Photoshop Acquire plug-ins for incorporating digital files from cameras and scanners directly into your Web graphics designs.

What is the native file format for Fireworks 4? 
PNG, pronounced "ping", is the Fireworks native file format. PNG is an acronym for Portable Network Graphics, an extensible image format recommended as a Web standard by the W3C. PNG files are lossless, and they support indexed, grayscale, and true color (24-bit RGB) images, plus an optional 8-bit alpha channel.

Why did Macromedia choose PNG as the Fireworks native file format?
PNG, like Fireworks, is designed for the Web. PNG files can be read by the latest versions of Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office, as well as by key graphics applications like FreeHand and Photoshop.

Will all browsers display PNG images? 
PNG is a W3C -recommended format for Web images. However, if your cross-browser Web graphics need to play back in older browser versions, we recommend you use optimized GIF and JPG images—the powerful export options in Fireworks make it easy.

How does Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 work together with Fireworks 4? 
You can automatically insert Fireworks HTML and graphics into Dreamweaver, script Fireworks from Dreamweaver, or quickly launch and edit graphics from Dreamweaver.

If I am a Windows user, which Windows platform do you recommend for use with Fireworks?
Fireworks supports Windows 95/98, NT4 and Windows 2000 platforms. While Fireworks performs well on all supported Windows platforms, Macromedia recommends using Windows 2000 Professional.

Can I customize Fireworks? 
The advanced Fireworks user can create Commands in JavaScript to drive the application. Commands are saved as JavaScript and can be opened in a text editor and customized.  

Can I print images from Fireworks? 
Yes. Fireworks is a design tool optimized for Web and screen graphics. You can print directly from Fireworks, or you can place Fireworks images (in PNG or TIFF format) into FreeHand and print from there.

What languages are available? 
Fireworks is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Can I save my Fireworks files as Photoshop files?
You can export your Fireworks 4 files into Photoshop. Text, Live Effects, layers, and masks will remain editable.

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