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What is FTP Voyager? - FTP Voyager is the most powerful FTP client program for Windows 9x/NT/2000 on the market. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, FTP Voyager lets you update a Web site with a single click, transfer files directly between FTP servers, and resume interrupted downloads. A perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet.

FTP Voyager (1 yr. upgrades) -
Cost: $39.95
FTP Voyager (2 yrs. upgrades) -
Cost: $49.95

More Info

FTP Site Manager
The FTP Site Profile Manager organizes and manages FTP sites and can also import sites from other FTP applications. The FTP Site Profile Manager remembers specific settings for sites you visit. This feature offers you one click access to your FTP sites.

Drag and Drop Interface
Supports Dragging and Dropping between Windows® Explorer, Desktop, Remote/Local views, and different FTP Voyager sessions. The "Drag and Drop" feature offers an easy to use, intuitive interface for transferring files, saving you time and effort.

Automatic ASCII/Binary Selection
Without manual intervention, FTP Voyager has the ability to automatically detect which transfer mode to use with certain file types.

Filtering allows you to limit the files that are displayed within the FTP Voyager windows. This allows you to organize your views by eliminating unnecessary files.

Folder Shortcuts
FTP Voyager allows you to create "Folder Shortcuts" to move you quickly to desired points of access on the connected FTP server.

Dial On Demand
FTP Voyager will use the windows dial-up listings to automatically connect to the Internet when needed after a connection has been selected.


Default FTP Voyager Screen

FTP Voyager is shown here as you will see it after installing FTP Voyager on your computer. Shown here is the award-winning drag-and-drop interface, the customizable toolbar, Windows® style directory navigation, and more.

FTP Voyager Site Manager

The FTP Voyager Site Profile Manager has been updated to include the latest and greatest in FTP sites!

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