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What is CuteHTML? - CuteHTML is a specialized HTML text editor. It is available as a electronic download or on a CD.

Electronic Download-
Cost: $19.95

On CD -
Cost: $39.95

More Info

Web page editing can be an exercise in frustration if you use a standard text editor. With CuteHTML you can easily cut through the confusion of HTML tags and formatting to create truly outstanding HTML documents.

CuteHTML is a powerful Windows-based HTML text editor that provides remote editing of Web pages and the ability to upload them instantly with CuteFTP. Its user-friendly interface and strong list of features make it the tool of choice for serious Web page management.

CuteHTML's interface gives you maximum control over your HTML editing. The left window is a File Manager that allows you to browse thorough your computer and drag and drop files to be edited. Editing happens in the right-hand window, where color-coded tags and tag tips help you efficiently create and edit Web pages.

Key features

  • Spell Checker - CuteHTML's built-in spell checker (with custom dictionaries) will help you publish an error-free Web site. It'll even spell check as you type!
  • JavaScript Snippets - CuteHTML now comes pre-loaded with several popular Javascripts to add dynamic content to your web pages.
  • Tag Tips - This extremely powerful auto-tag fill feature assists you in writing HTML code. Tag Tips displays and auto-validates browser-specific tags according to your specifications.
  • Extended Find and Replace - CuteHTML's powerful find and replace allows a user to search a single or multiple documents for a single word or phrase and then replace it with an alternate. Case sensitive as well
CuteHTML Extended Feature List:

CuteHTML is a versatile and easy to use HTML text editing program that combines a highly customizable user friendly interface with the power of the traditional command line HTML. It has numerous options that other HTML programs don't.

Table Maker
HTML tables are made simple with CuteHTML's new table maker. Simply choose the dimensions of the table you want, and CuteHTML will create the framework.

Perl Color Scheme
CuteHTML now has a user-definable color scheme for perl scripting.

Smart Dialogs
Smart Anchor and Image dialogs that remember commonly used data for reuse.

Drag and Drop from Windows
Drag and Drop into the program directly from your desktop or Explorer.

Text Drag and Drop
Highlight text and move it with drag and drop functionality.

Snippets and Java Scripts
Highly customizable Java script support for commonly used scripts and customizable Code Snippet feature that allows you to save and reuse code.

Color Selector
Choose colors from a palette or from entering the RGB values and have the program convert it to Hexadecimal and place it at the cursor.

Multiple File Edit
Open and edit multiple files using smart tabs at the base of the screen, hundreds of concurrent files at the same time.

View in Browser
Preview your saved or unsaved HTML in your default browser.

Shell Integration
Edit various ASCII files with CuteHTML from your right click menu in Windows.

Colored HTML Tags
Color coded tags makes it easier to view and edit your web site quickly.

Line Count
Running line count for quick finding of specific tags.

Remote file Save
Using one of our "buddy" program utilities you can interface with CuteFTP and upload to a predetermined file area on a remote site.

Floating Tool bar
This tool bar is docked at the top by default but can move anywhere on your desktop.

CuteHTML Screenshot

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